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Specific features of SMSJaja Bulk SMS

Welcome to the future of SMS. Our wide array of SMS features ensure you effective delivery and accurate feedback reports. Use Bulk SMS to reach out to your audience and clientele cheaply and effectively.

  • SMS Coverage - SMS Jaja Bulk SMS SMS Coverage We cover the entire African continent! We constantly look out for new networks and incorporate them quickly.
  • Web to SMS We offer you a quick and easy way to send and receive bulk messages online. Suitable for Bulk SMS.
  • Instant Delivery Your message will reach its destination in a matter of seconds. You will receive detailed reports about these deliveries.
  • Long Messages We support messages longer than the standard SMS. Our friendly interface gives you updates as you type!
  • Delivery Reports Each SMS you send is tracked all the way to the recipient's phone with 100% accuracy and reported back to you.
  • Dynamic Sender ID Use our platform to send out messages with different sender IDs. This will boost your marketing and branding efforts.